Leading the KimmiC team:

Michael McDonald(President / CTO)

With his vast experience in technological and organizational innovation Michael has specialized in organizational growth and operational performance through innovation, communication and organization.

He is a world leader in combining technology to meet need. This includes persistence through middleware through user interface, including utilizing semantic web, Java Enterprise, html5/Ajax and REST based architecture.

Michael’s cross functional capabilities include in-depth, multi-national business experience through to designing, building, implementing and supporting systems along with extensive cross-cultural team building experience. Michael has a comprehensive knowledge of the current Zeitgeist on leading edge technological and social innovations such as the business implementation of semantic web technologies.

Kim Chandler McDonald (Director of Communications/ Flat World Navigator)
Kim brings her extensive, international experience in media, communications and networking to the team. As a Capital I Innovation specialist and futurist, Kim is a thought leader in disruptive approaches and transformational trends such as Flat World Navigation, meHealth and the Semantic Web. Kim is also a member of the G.E. Advisory Board for Griffith University.

Kim has built and maintains a far-reaching network of global thought leaders; many of whom were the inspiration for her internationally renowned Capital I Innovation Interview Series.